How to Optimize Your SolarEdge Monitoring Account for More Referrals

By: Michael Rogerson | May 16, 2017

If you’ve read our blog post on How to Turn Monitoring into Money then you know that the #1 recommendation is to drive business with referrals. Here is a little trick that you can use to get your brand and your phone number out to a wider audience.  
Step 1) Set up your monitoring account using the advice from the blog post Setting Up Your SolarEdge Monitoring Portal Account.  
Step 2) Create sites. This post also discusses how to register new sites. During +Create New Site, we write about the ability to upload an image to the site. This is where we will perform our trick.
Upload images.
A great marketing move is to take a visually strong photograph of the PV array, possibly with a drone flyover. The trick is to just go one step further and add your logo to this image with your phone number.  

How to Set It Up

Using your photo editor or slide editor (that can ‘save as picture’), import your original image. Keep the final layout in mind when building the image, because the SolarEdge monitoring app will not show all of the image in the preview and will add overlays that cover parts of it.  

(see cropped portion of image and overlay text on the final image)
Add your logo and phone number to the right half of the image and center it vertically.

It adds a nice touch to place a semitransparent background. This increases readability and makes the logo stand out without hiding the original image.

Now, select the entire image, logo, phone number and backdrop and ‘Save as Picture’ [use a right click to bring up the menu in popular slide editors] and save the new image somewhere that you can find it later.  

Now, upload the new image during +Create New Site / Upload Images step in site creation and let the referrals flow in!

You can also get permission from the homeowner to make the site public. This way, it can be viewed by other homeowners looking to go solar and maybe drive more business for you.
We hope that you enjoy this tip and stay tuned for more tips on the SolarEdge Blog!


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