Save time and truck rolls with this one simple tip

By: Jeff Laughy | December 06, 2016

Instead of returning to a site after receiving PTO (Permission to Operate), you can now set the inverter to Standby mode and turn it on remotely. This can save installers an estimated $300-$600 per trip on truck rolls, depending on fuel costs and distance traveled.[1]

-  Jeff Laughy, Field Applications Engineer
After verifying that the system produces power, switch to Standby mode. Enter Setup mode, go to the Maintenance menu and select Standby mode.  The inverter will remain in this state until you exit Standby mode. 

Make sure to leave all relevant switches/breakers ON at the site.

Once the site receives AHJ approval, the site can be taken out of Standby mode via the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform.

Go to the site in the monitoring platform and right click on the inverter.  Select Choose Operation --> Exit standby mode.

This function is supported in CPU versions 3.1256 or higher, and DSP1 versions 1.0210.760 or higher (single phase inverters) / DSP1 1.13.340 or higher (three phase inverters). 
Note:  Check with your local jurisdiction for the most up-to-date information regarding PTO in order to determine if this functionality is supported in your area.

We hope this tip will help you save on cost and time. 

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