Level Solar Celebrates Quadruple Win with 7th Winning Power Optimizer

By: Joshua Stacy | November 22, 2016
On one summer day in 2016, the Level Solar crew was prepping its largest amount of SolarEdge power optimizers to date for five different installation jobs. After opening the fifth box of power optimizers, a crew member immediately spotted a red ribbon and card tucked alongside one of the power optimizers.
 “I yanked the power optimizer out of the box and started yelling with excitement and ran to find my other crew members who started cheering along with me,” said Pat A., a member of Level Solar Operations Team.
Because all of Level Solar’s installation crews knew about the winning power optimizer promotion, each crew member was keeping a watchful eye for the red ribbon indicating the winning SolarEdge optimizer.  
“At first, some were unsure that I wasn’t pulling a prank on them, since we had been pranking each other about winning the power optimizer for several weeks. Once everyone was certain the power optimizer was authentic, everyone joined in to celebrate. The excitement coming from the warehouse was so loud it disrupted some meetings in the main building as well as new employee orientation, which I’m sure was confusing to new staff members!” commented Pat.
The excitement and joy continued to the job site as the first job was a 20-panel install that went exactly according to plan. Level Solar will continue the festivities by using the $10,000 prize to benefit the team with a celebration to recognize their operations team.  The team will celebrate and enjoy the victory together.
“It’s great to win and I’m happy that the prize will be used to benefit our installation team and celebrate the team’s hard work,” said Richard Keiser, CEO of Level Solar. “We have been installing SolarEdge since our company’s inception in 2013 and with over 10MW deployed, SolarEdge has been both a great partner and a great enabler of our growth. We only deploy SolarEdge because as an engineer, I value stable, scalable technologies, and this is what SolarEdge provides,” continued Keiser.
“I started Level because after my time on Wall Street I decided I wanted to work on world-scale problems. Climate change is such a problem, and solar energy is a critical part of the solution. Solar photovoltaics is by far the technology most able to scale, and with the most favorable long-term economics,” said Keiser.
Level Solar’s commitment towards the environment is prominently displayed on its company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Level Solar, one of New York’s largest solar installers, routinely posts the latest environmental information to help the public stay informed about climate change. In fact, Level Solar’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of solar energy, by enabling homeowners to save money and reduce their carbon footprint with no upfront cost. “We call this a triple win: for the homeowner, for the environment, and for the company,” explained Keiser. This summer Level Solar actually scored a rare quadruple win by finding the 7th winning SolarEdge power optimizer.    
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