Have a Cold One on the Sun

The sun is not the first thing that most of us turn to when we want a frosty beverage, but when it comes to generating power from sunlight, maybe it should be.

“Beer chilled by the sun” might be the new slogan for Henry Voelcker Beer Distributors in Danville, Pennsylvania. Home to 1,000 different beers in stock, Voelcker’s recently completed a 91.8kW (DC) roof mount PV system.  The system will cover 100% of the electric usage on site and, using the local utility’s virtual metering policies, the excess will be credited to other facilities. 

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SolarEdge auf der Intersolar in München

Die weltweit größte Messe der Solarwirtschaft, war auch in diesem  Jahr, mit rund 44.000 Besuchern, wieder ein voller Erfolg für die Austeller! Auf der Intersolar Europe in München stellten 1.100 Hersteller, Zulieferer, Handels-und Dienstleistungsunternehmen aus 48 Ländern ihre neuesten Entwicklungen und technischen Innovationen aus den Bereichen Photovoltaik und Solarthermie vor. Sie bietet eine gute Gelegenheit, den Kunden persönlich zu begegnen, von ihnen ein direktes Feedback zu bekommen und interessante Diskussionen zu führen.


It's Clear & Right - The North America Experience

After finding out that I had a role in SolarEdge’s music video, I quickly studied last year’s Solar Gangnam Style video to prepare. I had never participated in a music video before and thought that working in the music industry would be a welcome change compared to a traditional day at work.

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What are your plans for the holidays?

I have been working at SolarEdge for a few months now as an electrical engineer. I noticed that at SolarEdge tight schedules and piles of responsibilities didn’t seem to come at the expense of a fun working environment, clearly generated by its employees. I understood that this environment was the real engine driving the company forward. It might be inappropriate for an engineer like myself to say, but it is the most powerful engine I know.

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The Solartaxi Pulls into SolarEdge

The team at SolarEdge got a solar treat  when Mr. Louis Palmer and his Solartaxi decided to pay us a visit at our Israel based office.  Employees got very excited as Mr. Palmer and his solar powered car pulled into the entrance of the Hod Hasharon high-tech zone. The lunchtime visit gave the team a chance to take a closer look at the eco-friendly vehicle and a few lucky ones even got to take the car for a test drive.

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